Genomix Biotech inc. is founded in 2003 and is engaged in developing tools for affordable and quality healthcare using biomedical research, biotechnology and/or biopharmaceuticals. In the first quarter of 2007, its sister concern Genomix Molecular Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. And Genomix Animal Healthcare Pvt Ltd (2013) and Genomix Biopharma (2014) are established in Hyderabad, India.

The philosophy behind Genomix is to provide highest quality healthcare needs of the selected Resource limited population and extend to the rest of the world.  The focus of Genomix is to identify the crucial needs, explore the problems through fundamental research and develop best quality diagnostics tools, compounds and or biopharmaceuticals for therapeutic intervention of disease processes.

Genomix Biotech augments its product line by securing manufacture technologies from partners worldwide TRPVB (TANUVAS), IVRI, NIAB, and Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other national and International Institutions. Genomix is funded by DBT, and NIH that it is well poised to be the biotech leader. Genomix Biotech has a world-class research team, an experienced management from internationally renounced institutes like NIH, CDC to lead and excellent partners who believe in teamwork and success. R&D team has extensive hands on experience in the areas of fundamental and applied research fields to develop rapid diagnostic kits, ELISA, Isothermal PCR novel instrumentation and innovative methodologies.  Genomix is ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485 certified and manufacturing more than 86 diagnostic assay products under GMP and GLP conditions with Drug Control approvals. 

Genomix manufactures broad range of Rapid diagnostic kits, ELISA and Isothermal PCR based molecular diagnostic assays and handheld instrumentation to detect pathogens affecting human including HIV, Hb(S) Ag, HCV, Dengue, Chikungunya and canine, poultry and veterinary health care including Brucellosis, Wild animal and bovine TB, Leptospira, New Castle Viral Disease, IBD, Foot and Mouth disease, Blue tongue disease, PPRV, Listeria etc.  One of our focuses is also to develop assays and kits to help people at resource limited areas and economically challenged populations in the world.  Our R&D team includes large number of young scientists working towards their Ph.D., degree registered at different universities.  

The main focus of Genomix R&D is to identify the crucial needs of common man, neglected/under-served rural communities, economically challenged populations, resource limited areas and explore the problems through fundamental research and develop best quality compounds or biopharmaceuticals for therapeutic intervention of disease processes and diagnostics and vaccines and instrumentation with state of the art technologies. Genomix has obtained several funded projects from DBT, US Army, CDC and trains hundreds of young scientists worldwide.